Medical Vaporizers by BC Vaporizer
Are you concerned about the dangers of inhaling smoke?  The BC Vaporizer is different to other smoking devices.  It gently heats herb to the point where it's active ingredients are vaporized and released.  Since no combustion takes place, harmful byproducts, such as tar and carbon monoxide, do not enter your lungs.  The BC Vapoizer is a safe, cost effective delivery system for the consumption of medical marijuana.
BC Vaporizer Deluxe 110 Volt
BC  Vaporizer Deluxe
Plasticsmith's Deluxe model is a stunning of examplle of functional, but fashionable, design.
BC Vaporizer Regular 110 volt
BC  Vaporizer
This is the original BC Vaporizer; the one that started it all and is still an industry standard.