Pipes: including aqua, electric, revolver, incognito and glass pipes.
Revolver Pipe
Revolver Pipe
The Revolver Pipe has six small bowls in a rotating barrel - a true six shooter.  It disassembles easily for cleaning.

Dice Pipe
Three Dice Pipe
When you  use the Three Dice Pipe it could be your lucky day.

Electric Pipe
Electric Pipe
The Electric Pipe is battery operated.  Just light up and this pipe does the the work.

Nickel Sherlock Pipe Nickel Sherlock Pipe
The Nickel Sherlock Pipe has a flat base that allows it to stand by itself.  It has an easy clean design with a separate resin chamber.
Aqua Aqua Pipe
The folding stem makes this water pipe easy to carry where ever you go.  Enjoy pure cool smoke.
Mushroom Pipe
Polyresin Mushroom Pipe
This funky pipe is  made with polyriesin and brass and has excellent "Stay-cool" properties.
Ashcatcher pipe
Ceramic Ash Catcher Pipe
Elegant and compact design makes the Ash Catcher Pipe a popular and portable party favourite.

Grim Reaper Pipe
Grim Reaper Ceramic Pipe
With the Grim Reaper Ceramic Pipe you will wreak havoc on any smoke.

Pot Leaf Belt Buckle Pipe
Brass Belt Buckle Pipe
The Brass Belt Buckle Pipe is a true multi-tasker.  A very funtional pipe and belt buckle, it also makes a fashion and activist statement.

As seen on "Dazed and Confused".

Incognito HiLiter Pipe Hi-Liter Incognito Pipe
This pipe is concealed within a fully functional hi-liter.  Office supplies have never been so exciting!
Incognito Lipstick Pipe Incognito Lipstick Pipe
The Lipstick Pipe is both realistic looking and functional (but not as lipstick).  Carry it with confidence in any purse or carry bag.
Glow In The Dark Pipe
Glow in the Dark Pipe
This nickel pipe is overlapped with "Glow in the dark" rings.  Never wake up lost again!

Gas Mask Pipe
Gas Mask Pipe
Go to war with your smoke when you use the Gas Mask Pipe.