Detox agents: drinks, urine additives & shampoo from Spectrum Labs.
Spectrum Labs Absolute Detox (detoxification) products
Spectrum Laboritories
Spectrum Labs has produced some of the world's best masking agents & additives since 1992. They''ve helped hundreds of thousands of people, around the world, protect their privacy by enabling them to pass a test. Random tests & pre-employment screens, that affect many workers, are poorly regulated.  Even smoke-free workers, taking over-the-counter medications, can test positive falsely & lose their job.  Spectrum's motto is "Live Positive, Test Negative".  Their masking products will help you pass a test.

Absolute De-Tox Drink
Absolute De-tox Carbo Drink
This drink holds metabolites in your body allowing you to pass a test.   It does this by stopping the burning of metabolite rich fat cells for up to 5 hours.  Absolute De-tox Carbo Drink is designed for those that smoke 4 times a week or less. Those over 200 lbs. should consume two drinks before a test.

Urine Luck Drug Masking Additive
Urine Luck
This chemical solution destroys metabolites, in urine, to pass a test. Current Urine Luck formulas (6.6 and above) are undetectable.  Daily users, taking GC/MS tests, have a 99.6% success rate when directions are followed. Urine Luck consists of two tiny vials that are about the size of a pinkie finger.

Get Clean Substance Masking Shampoo
Get Clean Shampoo
This shampoo coats you hair like a conditioner.  When the lab dissolves your hair sample, the shampoo interacts with any metabolites on or in it to disguise them.  Get Clean can be used by those that smoke & those exposed to second hand smoke when undergoing a GC/MS hair follicle test.
Absolute Detoxification Drink for XXL guys and gals
Absolute De-tox Carbo Drink XXL
This is essentially the same product as the regular Absolute Detox Carbo Drink but is for use by those that weigh over 200 lbs.