Indoor and outdoor marijuana growing books.
Marijuana Grower's Guide by Mel Frank
Deluxe Marijuana Grower's Guide by Mel Frank
The deluxe 'Marijuana Grower's Guide is an authoritative information source for all marijuana connoisseurs & cultivators. Whether your garden is on a windowsill, in a closet, backyard or on acres of hillside, this book has information that will help make it better.  It deals with everything including indoor and outdoor cultivation.  Seasoned  growers and newbies alike will find this book a handy and useful reference.
Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide by Mel Frank
Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide by Mel Frank
The Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide is a new, easy to understand, guide to proven results for both experienced & novice gardeners. With a sense of love for the plant, Mel Frank's expertise is easy to understand. Whether you grow with HIDs, in a greenhouse or outside the guide guarantees you a healthy & potent crop. Discover how to maximize yield, increase potency, & develop exotic, super potent strains. You'll learn which products to use, with your health & money in mind, & how to make problems such as rot & mites a thing of the past.
Marijuana Indoors by Jorge Cervantes
Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens by Jorge Cervantes
Get the inside story from five growers. They give every detail of their grow operation & how they harvest heavy crops of potent marijuana indoors. They tell all: how to choose a safe house, build a grow room and cloning chamber, install ventilation, hydroponic gardens and grow lights. Learn special techniques to get the most from potent indica/sativa varieties, clones, transplants, pruning, fertilizers, grow lights & scheduling to grow superb bud on a budget.

Marijuana Grower's Handbook - The Indoor High Yield Guide by Ed Rosenthal
Marijuana Grower's Handbook: The Indoor High Yield Guide by Ed Rosenthal
A great index, bibliography, tables, and charts make this one of the easiest reference books available for indoor marijuana growing. A new chapter provides tips and solutions to the most common indoor growing problems.

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture - The Indoor Bible with 200 colour pictures by Jorge Cervantes
Indoor Marijuana Horticulture - The Indoor Bible by Jorge Cervantes
Completely revised, the classic "Indoor Bible" puts all the latest information on indoor cultivation at your fingertips. Learn how growers maximize yields; harvesting more than a pound of connoisseur bud, per 1000w bulb, every 60 days. Includes precise color drawings & photos (of numerous plant problems), troubleshooting chart, four case studies, weekly checklist, calendar, glossary and index.

Marijuana Outdoors - Guerilla Growing by Jorge Cervantes
Marijuana Outdoors: Guerilla Growing - Jorge Cervantes
Novice & pro growers will learn how today's best gardeners achieve record harvests. Cervantes has traveled throughout Europe, North America, the U.K. & Australia to learn how growers harvest the best bud in the world. Instructions & examples, from actual growers, combined with basic cultivation techniques make this book one of the most valuable outdoor growing guides.